The organization committee of Prayer room school was held in Kiev

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«God seekers movement» is getting ready to holding a 3-week «Intensive Prayer room school» (July,16th — August, 3d). Yesterday, on the 9the of July in Irpen (Kiev region) the organization committee of Prayer room school took place with participation of the team of «God seekers movement» and «One Eleven Global». 

Their meeting was dedicated to solving a number of organizational and technical questions about holding this event. Apart from administrative matters the delegates spoke about inner structure of «Prayer Room School» (PRS), its topics and directions. Clear goals and objectives were announced, and the functions and responsibility amount were shared between both sides.

«We believe that raising the prayer 24/7 in different countries has an incredible importance for the whole body of Christ. Only because of the fact that the next 4 weeks we will spend in prayer and worship to God, the greatest things will already be happening in the spiritual world. When the Word of God and worship come together, they release the power of God to change this reality.All the main values of PRS are reflected in the school schedule. There are three main directions: music classes, biblical classes, prayer and worship labs,»- noted Murray Hiebertthe founder of «One Eleven Global». 

The organizing committee was held in a friendly atmosphere. All the participants were inspired and ready to serve in the upcoming event.

«We were looking forward to the arrival of «One Eleven Global»team and to this meeting, where we had a chance to discuss all the working issues of the upcoming school. I am satisfied with the results of the meeting. All the questions that were raised during this meeting were essential in the preparation for the PRS, » said Dmitry Gorlov, the administrator of the prayerroom schools in Ukraine.

It should be mentioned that Konstantin Teteratnikov, the coordinator of the Without Walls School in Ukraine, came to greet all the participants of the meeting and wished them a fruitful work. It is on their mission base the upcoming «Prayer Room School» will take place.

The organizers of the PRS believe that the upcoming school will launch many prayer projects in Ukraine.

«It is a great blessing to develop a 24-hour prayer and worship together with the churches of Ukraine. There is a lot of work ahead, we need a lot of strength, support and assistance from Ukrainian bishops who will supervise us. The upcoming school is just the beginning of the great movement that will glorify God, «said Nadezhda Gorlova, the leader of PRS in Ukraine.

We remind you that the «Prayer Room School» will be held in Irpen (Kiev) from July,16th to August, 3d.

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