Summary of «Prayer Room School»: the development of night and day prayer in Ukraine

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From the 7 to the 11 of August in Kyiv the «Prayer Room School» for ministers of worship and prayer was held. More than 60 representatives from different regions of Ukraine have participated in it, and also delegates from Kyrgyzstan and Israel.

The 5-day training program focused on key aspects of the foundation and development of prayer rooms in local churches.

The team «One Eleven Global» especially came to intensely train the ministers. They have vision to raise up missionaries, musicians, prayer leaders, and worship leaders— dedicated to God, and to help them to grow spiritually and professionally to serve with their gifts in the houses of prayer around the world.

А special guest of the school at this time was the team «One Eleven Global». Their vision is to raise musical missionaries, prayer leaders and worship leaders, not only spiritually but also professionally. All for one purpose to get people used to serve in houses of prayer around the world.

«It’s been an exciting time. The first day the Lord spoke a prophetic word that He want to birth the House of Prayer Ukraine. And that His people that are ready are the midwives the ones that will bring forth this House of Prayer. And so we believe that God is doing it and this school is just the first step of what God wants to do in Ukraine. Throughout the school we’ve been giving training on practical steps of how to grow prayer meetings, how to sustain enjoyable prayer with music and interсession. And we believe God is equipping people in Ukraine to worship Him day and night,» shared Aaron Frazee, one of the leaders in «One Eleven Global», the speaker of «Prayer Room School» in Kiev.

«It was wonderful seeing so many believers from all over Ukraine come together and learn about singing the Word, importance of night and day worship with prayer and how they get to play a part in the big picture of Lord is doing across the Earth,»said Awo Ainoo, a servant of the «One Eleven Global», the speaker of «Prayer Room School» in Kiev.

The event is held by the «God Seekers Movement» in partnership with «One Eleven Global». The school is supported by the Ukrainian Interchurch Council.

The organizers are confident that the event will contribute to the main goal of the school — to help associations and churches in creation of prayer rooms 24/7 and their subsequent development.

«It was like the second level of March School and there were a lot of students, which had already been with us. So we could grow up more together. And there was not only 1 or 2 persons, but IHOP team also was with us, so it became easier to show how does the Prayer Room works», noted Amanda Rich, teacher of the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC), team member of the «God Seekers Movement».

During the practical sessions the students of the school were taught by the ministers of «One Eleven Global,» foundational skills for future ministry in praying and worshiping according to different models. Within 5 days everyone had the opportunity to gain new knowledge in the musical, organizational, and prayer areas.

In the learning process, the students studied a variety of topics: «The Principles of Effective Worship and Prayer», «Pray the Word of God», «The Interaction of Worship and Intercession», «Model of worship: Theory and Practice», and others.

«I’ve earlier seen them actually come together with a Harp and Bowl model and sing the Word and do intercession with the Word. It was so beautiful to see the nations in Ukraine sing to Jesus,» said Cayla Mayfield, minister of the «One Eleven Global».

«I liked that it wasn’t just studying, but both studying and practice. We got a really good spiritual ministry. All the team was nice, funny and spiritual. After School I have the desire to pray at home and to know God closer. I liked the School,» shared Victoria Minayeva, student of the second «Prayer Room School» in Kiev.

The school included a series of meetings with pastors and leaders of churches, leaders of worship, with those who have the vision to open a prayer room in their Church. The meeting was also devoted to practical tips for developing of the prayer houses and prayer ministries.

«From the beginning of the School God was touching hearts of people. On one side participants got blessings and felt God inside, and on the other side they got knowledge as IHOP team teached us some practical things – how to create a prayer house.  The School was amazing, it became a reward for organizers and brought us joy. We had some finance difficulties about registration for student, so we had to minimize the cost. The budget wasn’t enough and we were anxious about our finance responsibility. But glory of God became a reward for us from Lord. We will continue next level of School in October from 10th till 14th for prayer leaders.
Also if you want to become our partner with prayers and finances to help the School of Prayer Room, we invite you to engage to us. I believe it will become a great blessing for you,» shared Dmitry and Nadezhda Gorlovy, the leaders of the «Prayer Room School» in Kiev.

The conclusion of the School was a 9-hour prayer marathon and the prayer for Ukraine and Israel together with the students of the «Prayer Room School».

Everyone was able to to join the prayer and worship because of the live broadcast on the channel БОГ.TV

Overall, there were 12 200 views from 29 countries. Total audience was more than 24 thousands of people.

The main media partner of the event was the media group BOG.MEDIA.

Video from the School can be viewed HERE ⬇️

Note that the «Prayer Room School» is the beginning of the founding of the Inter-Church house of prayer. Earlier, a similar School was held in March 2017, and another one will be held in October.

«God Seekers Movement» plans to hold such schools in partnership with local churches in different countries.