Summary of “Prayer for Revival in Central Asia”

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From the 12 to the 14 of September in Almaty, the annual event “Prayer for Revival in Central Asia” was held. The initiators of the event were the Evangelical Alliance of Churches in Kazakhstan and the Prayer Movement “God Seekers Movement.”


This year, the largest number of pastors and bishops from the fellowship of churches in the Central-Asian region gathered to this yearly event.

The event began with pastor’s fellowship, where ministers were introduced to each other and had fellowship with each other.

Opening words of greetings to the participants of the Prayers was presented by the representative of the Government of Kazakhstan Vladimir Ivanov. He congratulated those gathered on the occasion and expressed his wishes for the best and to continue this good work.

National music and costumes made the opening bright and memorable.

The hall, which holds approximately 600 people, was practically full continuously, in spite of the fact that the event was held in the middle of the work-week, from Monday to Wednesday. Furthermore, through the LIVE broadcast on the channel BOG.TV, Christians from 49 different countries joined the event. Overall, there were 9000 views. Four different cities in Kazakhstan joined into the event through live telecast, and also prayed for revival in the nation.

The main part of the event was dedicated to prayer for the peoples of Central Asia.

Raising to heaven their national flags, ministers interceded for healing, salvation, and blessings for their land.

Also, there were services dedicated to prayer for Israel, for Europe, and also for unity between churches and denominations.

“I am glad that this prayer occurred, and goes on increasing. Also, a characteristic of the prayer – is that we do not only give, but we also receive. Despite the fact that people attended, and there was prayer from morning to evening, I see how their eyes are burning and hands are not hanging low. The Holy Spirit began this movement and He is showing all of us, that this prayer ministry is developing all over the world.

Also, it unifies us all, that we live in Central Asia and we are responsible for this region,” said Yuriy Shumaev, bishop of the fellowship of churches “Agape,” and president of the Evangelical Alliance of Kazakhstan.

“Prayer – this is the key to Revival. We gathered here not to simply beat the air. We are changing history. God changes it, but by the prayers of the saints. Jesus is Lord of Central Asia.

This prayer was amazing. I am happy that I came here and that I have this privilege to be here, fellowship and prayer together with such well-known ministers of God in Central Asia and abroad,” – noted Sergey Shidlovskiy, founder of “God Seekers Movement.”

Denis Podorozhdeniy, pastor of the church “Word of Life” and leader of the ministry “House on the Rock” attended “Prayer for Revival in Central Asia” for the first time. He shared a word on how, the goal of prayer is not that it changes God, but it changes us, those who pray.

“I am impressed with the atmosphere of the people. I saw people of different confessions and denominations, from different cities and countries. This is a very unique moment for all to see this wide mutual prayer support. It is good, when the church leaves all kinds of discord, and hatred on the basis of nationalism, and this is wonderful, when the church declares and affirms God’s love, respect, patience, and compassion. When people are present here like the representatives of nations, cities, denominations, churches, they can, in absentia, present more globally what the Body of Christ does here. And so, this is an important moment. I believe, that this will become bigger and stronger. And this time will have amazing fruit,” – shared Denis Podorojniy.

A special guest of the event was Johannes Hartl, catholic, founder and director of the prayer room in Augsburg (Germany) and ten prayer rooms in Europe. Every year around ten thousand people gather to hear his sermons (catholics and protestants) from all of Europe. At the “Prayer for Awakening,” Johannes Hartl shared a word on the power of prayer in his life, and on behalf of the people of Germany, he repented, that at the hand of fascist Germany, many people who lived in the USSR were killed.

Included in “Prayer for Revival Central Asia” was a meeting for the prayer and financial partners of “God Seekers Movement.” Sergey Shidlovskiy expressed his thanks to the people who support the ministry, and at the end of the meeting, he prayed for everyone with the laying on of hands.

For the last day, the participants of the Prayer were Joshua Kim, the head of the Korean churches in Kazakhstan; Alexander Pikalov, pastor of the Baptist church EHB “Alpha and Omega” and Father Eliot, head of the Catholic church in Almaty

“Amazing things are taking place now.  We are from different churches, different denominations, different countries and different nations. However, we are together in one place worshiping God.  I believe that God receives our prayer and our praise. It is not an easy thing keep doing it for 10 years. It is a grace of God. And I know that in future we can expect even more joyful things”, — said Joshua Kim.

“We need such events. The time when each one hides in his corner, in his denomination had passed.  It is time to pray together for the country, for the nation, for each other, for the Kingdom of God to come to this land”, — noted Alexander Pikalov.

“I am thankful for the invitation. I am participating in this event for the third time. This meeting is a visible sign of unity in prayer and praise”, — said Father Eliet.

“Now I feel deep inner awe – it is Revival expectation. It is amazing how many pastors and how many churches gathered here. Before there was the time when we persuaded them to come, but now they are willing to come they are hungry for the prayer. If God unites us in prayer in such a way that is coming next? Revival for sure. I have this expectation», shared Anatoliy Maklyak the pastor of “Harvest” church. (Kostanai city, Kazakhstan).

“I am glad to see many bishops and pastors from Middle Asia region.  I believe that this event will influence on the history of our nations. I am expecting that God will bless us in special way in following days”, told Ilya Chirkov, the pastor of “Jesus Christ” church. (Karaganda city, Kazakhstan).

“This is exciting event when christians gather together to pray for the revival of their countries.  This is Jubilee year for us that is why we feel like we passed the next stage in our work and ministry. Year by year we see the multiplication among people of prayer”, — said Sharshenbek Baibosunov, the president of Kirgizstan’s Evangelical Alliance.

 “Today we start to pray for different nations. It was so great to see national flags and national symbols representing each nation. It was so touching when church leaders from every area shared their prayer needs and the whole church agreed with them and prayed in unity. We are full of expectations what God is going to do next”, — said pastor Klaus Ditor from Germany.

 “My personal understanding is that the prayer level was up, and the prayer itself became stronger and for this reason intercessory prayer going to be much more effective.  I believe that these inner feelings shows that we are at the turning point. I think it is very powerful moment”, — said Vitalyi Zatolokin, the pastor of “New Life” church (Ust-Kamenogorsk city, Kazakhstan).

“Every time coming to the Prayer I feel like God gives me more and more love for the nations we pray. I feel that my previous prayer for other nations was quite formal.  However, this time during this prayer I feel that Central Asia nations became so close to me. I feel family relations towards other pastors from the whole region. I think one of the purposes of the prayer is to understand how precious and important we are to each other,” – shared pastor Tomas Tomasov the pastor of “Joy” church. (Alma-Ata city, Kazakhstan).

Information support of the event provided by BOG.MEDIA media group. Gests and speakers gave exclusive interviews and prayed for tele viewers in BOG.TV studio.

There was meeting of Central Asia leaders, within the frameworks of “Prayer” where ministers planned prayer movement development among the whole region.

“This prayer was incredibly successful. Moreover, from this prayer follows the next one, which is going to be bigger than any before. There was organizational meeting of Central Asia key people where they agreed to keep praying together. We will see great God’s glory, and powerful movement of the Holy Spirit.

I am so thankful to those who came and took part in Prayer and to those who took part in organization, donated, to DIB partners and of course, to the bishop Yuri Shumaev who hosts the conference and serves to all in humbleness. We give all the glory and all fruits to our God”, shared Sergey Shidlovskiy.

Note that the “Prayer for Revival” project was initiated by “God Seekers Movement”. The project regularly held in different countries round the world in cooperation with church alliances and unions of churches of different denominations and confessions.

Next prayer for spiritual Revival will be in Kirgizstan in 19 of November. Also next “Prayer for Central Asia” is planned  on 3rd week of September 2017, which is dedicated to 500 years of reformation.

The main purpose of the “Prayer for Revival” is the all nations turn to the Lord. (Is. 11:9)